Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life throws curveballs, then you learn how to catchem!

Our beautiful little family has blossomed from 2-5 in one year. The twins were born December 28, 2010. Jayda was born at 9:50am at 6lbs, Skyler at 9:52am at 6lbs 10oz. Skyler had to stay in the NICU for a week for breathing prolbems but they are 3 months old now and both healthy little chubsters. I am now posting again since they are oficially sleeping through the night! yeah! Malaki is adjusting well to the babies, a few rocky moments here and there but most of the time he likes to entertain us while Im feeding two babies at once! He is my angel!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Minutes before delivery and not a moment too soon!
I swear I could have popped for real! Ouch I was
so swollen!
Ahhh memories at the beach...

My little lion...

My how things have changed! lol

Our Big O'le Family!

Sorry it took so long yet again to post the news... its been a little busy. December 28th I gave birth to two little miracles- Skyler Charles Johnson and Jayda Naomi Johnson. Jayda was born first (c-section) at 9:50am and Skyler 2 minutes later. Sky was 6lbs 10oz and 19.5" and Jayda 6lbs even and 19" even. Skyler had to stay in the NICU for 1 week for breathing in fluid but is doing amazing. Both twins have their days and nights mixed up and dont sleep at night. Cliff has been my saving grace getting me through the sleepless nights. The women in our church have been incredible and coming over each day for a few hours (sometimes more!) to help with whatever I need-usually a nap! Lots of dinners and treats and love have been pooring in! We are blessed in truck loads each day!!
Malaki was officially adopted on November 20th, 2009 on national adoption day! We had a big fat party that night and then we had him sealed to us in the LA temple for eternity! Then we topped it off with having him blessed in church that sunday. I was on bed rest since I was having problems with pre-term labor for the last 3 months of pregnancy but I was determined to have my son all to myself as soon as possible. The court was amazing! It was nice to have a good memory of it instead of the usual trauma that took place at that courthouse of wondering if I could keep my son. I never have to fear that again.
Malaki has been amazing with all the new changes, he even likes his new siblings (when we are not holding them).
We are extremely blessed and love our kids so much! Its so weird to say that... I have kids! wow! so cool!
Hope everyone is doing great! Have a great week!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Growing Family

My homie Julie Mulkay blesses our family with these awesome pics all the time!
Love you Julie! She didnt yell at me once even though I couldnt stop lauphing the entire
photo shoot and goofing off! ha ha!

My nephew Jordan and Ki at Ming Lake in Bakersfield, Ca.
Jordan is malachi's favorite buddy!

Cliff, Ki and my gorgous nephew Jordan having fun in the sprinklers!
Malachi is a little fish in the water! He just can't get enouph!

Ok sorry it took me so long to update this. For those of you who dont know, it's been a busy several months for us with many many trips to LA for 3 rounds of invetro fertilization. Round 3 (our last round of treatment) actually worked! Even the Dr. was surprised because things were just not working out. God aparantly just had a different plan and timing for us than we had planned. So Malachi is now 11 months, turning 1 year on 8/7! and Im pregnant, with twins! yes thats right. I'll go from no kids to three in one year! Were due January 25th but planning for December and Im terrified but so excited. Mostly still in shock.
We have our hopefully last court date for Malachi this thursday in the morning. We are confident everything should go fine but the thought of the .001% chance of losing your baby will drive any mother insane. I am definatly learning how weak I really am and how much faith I lack but am gaining so much faith everyday we go through this journey. I will keep you all updated this Thursday on how the court goes but if all goes well we no longer have to stress about the birth mother wanting visits and we can adopt around October. You bet there will be one heck of a partaaay when this is all over. I cry every time I invision our adoption date and having a delivery of twins right after. God is delivering miracles every day of our lives and I feel so blessed to experience them first had.
Love you all!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas and the New year!

My sleeping wolverine!
Julie Mulkday took these photos for my baby shower invites.. she is incredible!

Ahhh I love his chunky nakedness!

Too cute

My chunky teddy bear!

We got a fancy new panini maker for christmas....

ohhhh yeahhhh!

Ki lovin his new toy!

What he does best all day! Giggling!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our little miracle!

Asleep on Daddy

ok so I was still learning how to dress him! hee hee!

Good thing he's so easy going!
Our first family photo

Minutes after recieving our miracle!

The happy family

What an incredible Thanksgiving and Christmas season this is for us. We are extremely blessed to have a little bundle of miracles all wrapped into one chubby package. We can't wait to tell you all more but for now meet our new addition!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Idaho Fun!

Ok so we recently had the opportunity to go to Rexburg Idaho so Cliff could help recruit for his work. We stayed only 4 days but it was heaven! We had such a blast just being in Idaho again, I truelly love that place! We were able to see Bishop Samuelson, my old boss and co-workers/greatest girls ever! We also saw a bunch of our wonderful friends from BYUI that we miss so much. We even made it to the Haunted Mill, if you know me very well then you know my favorite holiday is Halloween. Also we made it Big Judds and harrassed Kurt and stayed up all night long every night! We stopped by Florences chocolates there and she even remembered us! yikes I think we may have went there a little too often.. lol. Megan Riley is an incredible photographer and she set up an amazing "fair photo booth" in her closet so we lauphed for hours on end being stuffed in her closet! She took lots of amazing photos of the girls... way too much fun.

It was very cold but such a nice change. I can't wait to go back again! Love you all and hope you are all doing wonderful! Ok so I suck at blogging and can't ever respond back to anyone so if you have a facebook or myspace account look me up! Love you all! have an amazing Halloween!